• Effective Management of Process Variability Software (EMPV) Course, provides a fundamental overview of Variography and Chronostatistics. 
  • After completing this course, you should be able to: 
    1. Identify various kinds of variability in data 
    2. Find causes of problems 
    3. Have a clear strategy for improvement


  • Course provides an overview of the sampling characteristics of an existing or unknown ore body. 
  • After completing this course you should be able to quantify in graphics: 
    1. Sampling characteristics using existing data 
    2. Sampling characteristics of an unknown ore or product 
    3. Impact of highly Poisson skewed data 
    4. Minimization of exploration cost 
    5. Precision and accuracy ellipse 
    6. Money loss generated by sampling and analytical precision 
    7. Amount of ore grade misclassification 
    8. Wisdom of a pre-selected economic cutoff grade


  • This course provides an overview of the necessary knowledge to optimize sampling protocols. 
  • Shows how to compare two series of chronological data using relative difference plots and moving averages. 
  • After completing this course, you should be able to: 
    1. Use OSP to optimize sampling protocols for particle size distribution analysis, for liberated precious metals, and for non-liberated components of interest 
    2. Interpret Heterogeneity Tests and draw corresponding sampling nomographs 
    3. Detect conditional biases in two series of measurement generated by two different methods
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